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I’m K.A. Ashcomb, and I write satirical fantasy about human behavior and our ideas and constructions. Here in my blog, I test other styles and concepts while I play around with storytelling. I write short stories, aiming to publish one every month. With them, I test my ability to construct something from an idea or sentence, which occupies my mind currently. Sometimes, I play with things like time and physics, and other times it is about us human and how weird we can be.

I have always been curious about the underlying make-up of human mind and how it translates to our relations with each other. Humans have always baffled me. Ever since I can remember, I have been wondering why we are like we are, why do we do things to others the way we do, and why the heck we invent things like money, capitalism/communism, and other isms our world is riddled with? Recently I have started to ponder about  what it means to live in a world, which seems to be governed by quantum physics?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my speculative fiction and follow me!

Also, you find in the book section my full-length humorous fantasy books! They are set in a world I have created and are speculative fiction about humans and ideas we bread. 

Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by ❤


Here you find my books and blog.


Latest releases

Mechanics of the Past is finally live! It has been a long road to get it published, but now the satire about industrial revolution and family skeletons is here.

Currently available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon!

Penny for Your Soul‘s audiobook is live!

Currently available on Amazon, Apple, Storytel, Scribe, Chirp, Kobo, Nook, and GooglePlay.

Also, find the eBook and paperback of Penny for Your Soul on Amazon!


The fourth book is under construction! We go back to Necropolis, where the rise of new machines mixed with Necropolis’s politics is giving a headache to Petula. We get to know the Council, who runs all the necromantic affairs better; not to mention the Coven, whose leader Henrietta Culpepper is trying to get a footing for witches in the city and its politics.

Also, I’m writing a sci-fi book to amuse me. I hope I get it publishing ready some day!