ProfileimageK.A. Ashcomb is an author of humorous fantasy novel Worth of Luck. She was born in a small coastal town Kemi. Her father was a repairman, and her mother cared for the sick and elderly. Since then she has moved to closer to Finland’s capital city, where she attended to the University of Helsinki. She studied at the university Comparative Religion, Social Psychology, and Sociology; only end up graduating during the economic bust.

Before her writing career, she worked as a mail carrier for a local post office and as a part-time clerk at the local bookshop. With excess time and need to occupy her mind, she began to write novels, finding her own wry and quirky voice. She started to mix current political and economic situations to her fantasy world, giving her characters reason to suffer, survive, and thrive.

She is an advocate reader of humorous novels ranging from Terry Pratchett to Douglas Adams to Christopher Moore to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. to anything with a dark, satire voice. Also enjoying very much Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy and more.

K.A. Ashcomb has dyslexia, which makes her struggle with letters, commas, order, and other issues. But it has given her storyteller’s mind, and she has made her peace with it.

She writes under a pen name, K.A. Ashcomb, as her own given name is hard to pronounce.

When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading (anything she can get her hands into), climbing, hiking in the local forest reserve, and baking cookies, lots of cookies!