Worth of Luck

Would you sell your grandma to have years worth of luck?

Edbert Pollock is willing to crawl into the sewers and worship a goat’s head every night. It alone can get him enough luck to save his bookshop from ruins. He needs the gods to hear his pleas, but the gods have other plans. And not only for him but for the entire kingdom.

Harriet Stowe, the Prime Minister, is doing everything in her power to stay ahead of all the secret societies working against her. She is even willing to kidnap a god. But the avalanche Edbert starts might be the death of her.

Sigourney Perri, a reluctant spy, is going to have a nervous breakdown and soon. She has not only lost her friend but started to hallucinate several feet tall rabbit who insists on her help.

They trust their lives on luck when others are willing to cheat and kill to get what they want.

Worth of Luck is a wry, action-packed, humorous fantasy novel set in Leporidae Lop. It is a satire of politics, friendship, and injustice. May contain carrots.

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Penny for Your Soul

The dead don’t wait.

But they do work in the factories, decide over policies, and hate to stay buried six feet under. Petula Upwood is about to find what the undead genuinely want. She follows strangers into the night to awaken a man who many would prefer to stay under. She will soon realize that being a necromancer is more about politics than perfecting the art of waking the dead. And she hates it.

Herbert Ringworm, a sculptor and a werewolf-wrestler, is willing to kill to serve his justice. Not that easy when he is forced to pair with a genteel ghoul. The only thing he wants is Ona to be alive again.

Morris Reinhardt, a banker, needs to get tonight right to save his late father’s bank from the ruins by starting a conspiracy. He just isn’t sure about his accomplices and should have known better than put Petula’s life in danger. Everything is going haywire.

If they want to survive tonight, they need to cooperate, and that is not exactly easy.

Penny for Your Soul is an economic and political satire with humans, ghouls, and undead willing to do anything to have a win. It is full of personal stories and a few jokes about metaphysics and humanity.

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Mechanics of the Past

“What he had done was pure science and mechanics — and necromancy, he regrettably had to admit.”

Levi, an alchemist and inventor, is trying to make the machine of all machines, which can produce gold and wheat out of nothingness. He is willing to get his machine to work at all costs. It is just that gods, the Luddites, and his little sister see things differently.

Sigourney is going home. She would rather run to the edge of the world than meet her family, especially her brother. They, and her as well, have always thought her to be a bad penny. Sigourney is going to change that. She is going to show what bad pennies can do.

Rose, a banker, has fled from Necropolis to Threebeanvalley in hopes of a fresh, prosperous start. But it isn’t easy to run away from your past. Especially when you are addicted to gambling, and you are dipping into your bank’s money. She needs a machine-sized fix.

All of them are swimming against luck, trying to get what they want, preferably while still alive.

Mechanics of the Past is a satire about families and the industrial revolution. Contains gods, steam engines, siblings, and introverts.

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