Book Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has been one of my favorite authors since my youth. He hooked me with his Sandman series, and with American Gods, he convinced me he is a great writer. But yet I was reluctant to pick up Norse Mythology. I wasn’t sure what new the book could bring. But once again I was mistaken. It is a good thing I go against my foolish initial thoughts. I listened to the book as an audiobook narrated by Neil Gaiman himself. I got the appeal. Neil had made the legends into more personal stories. It was like I was there in a raven form watching and absorbing.

I recommend this book, but I say the best way to enjoy it is through the audio format as legends are supposed to be part of oral tradition. And when you have a master storyteller like Neil Gaiman, you know you will enjoy your campfire story.

I wish we still gathered around and shared our wisdom, wit, and legends about tricksters and how the high and mighty have been fooled to spread our imagination. But I’m afraid nowadays the campfire stories would be about the different immortals: the celebrities and the politicians. As funny, tragic, and destructive they can be, I still prefer Loki, Ragnarök, and Thor and his hammer.

Thank you for reading!

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