Book Review: Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor #1) by Mark Lawrence

This was the first book I read from Mark Lawrence, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went in thinking this is high fantasy story with a high stake set up, and I was a bit disappointed to find out that this was a growing up story. Not that I didn’t like Nona Grey who at times had a strong personality. It is just that I don’t any longer find growing up stories interesting. This was a hindrance factor for me and thus cannot give a fair review. I wanted to skip ahead to the battle promised in the beginning.

The story felt familiar, and the twist or the characters didn’t surprise me. This is due to excessive reading. That said, the book isn’t bad despite my personal preferences. It is a solid and highly entertaining high fantasy book with action sprinkled with world-building. What set it apart is the fact that the story centers around almost all women cast which is seldom the case with the fantasy genre. And I loved how Mark Lawrence created an interesting setting with the Convent of Sweet Mercy, and I was intrigued by how Nona fitted into the world. The first book for the series has a high potential in delivering me that battle scene I was interested in.

Thank you for reading!

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