Self-Publishing: General Update About the First and the Second Book

Hello! Those of who read my last week’s post about writing with head or heart know that I have been struggling with my writing, over thinking everything. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I declared my fear, ego, and perfection or something else, but I have been able to work with a lighter tone now. (I stopped to stare at my cat. You know there is real perfection. She is so beautiful and annoying and bossy and lovely and loved that sometimes she deserves to be stared at. Especially when she is staring at birds through the window.)

I’m in the last chapter of my second book. And after final editing with the feedback from beta readers, the book is done. The only thing is I have to find those beta readers. That is a lesson I learned from my first book. You need them for honest feedback to smooth over the troubled spots and, of course, for reviews. I will give a shout here on my blog, on my twitter, Reddit, and Goodreads for possible readers when the book is at that stage. I think I have a few possible readers I got through Booktasters. Then after that, my book with no name (nothing seems to please me) goes to editing. I should contact the artist who did the first cover to see if she is available. I do hope so. She was so talented. Then before the launch, I should start a marketing campaign. And I almost forgot I have to look for an audiobook narrator. I will make an audiobook from this one. Yay, and scary. You will get the updates on how that goes later.

Here is what has happened with my first book. For many months, the book was in hiatus. It saw friction only when I gave it away for free. That is understandable as it is my first and I haven’t been that active with marketing. Not at least in the traditional way. What I have been doing is growing my online presence and being active in fantasy reader communities. (I should find a writers’ group, but I have been too tired to do that. The writing group I was in died after the first month which was sad as there were two really great writers who were able to give great feedback. But that was out of my control even when I tried. Note to me: find a new one, get connected.) This service/business called Booktasters contacted me, asking if I want them to search readers for my book to read and review it. At first, I was skeptical. I didn’t want to pay for reviews. And I talked to them and did research and what I found out is that I pay for them to search the reviewers and connect me with them, but those who read it do it for the love of reading. So I decided that there is no harm to test the service. It worked. I got ten to read my book and give reviews on Goodreads. I got the contacts through Booktasters’ Twitter account and contacted the readers there and sent a free copy of the book and a request for an honest review. I’m so glad I did. That simple action boosted my Twitter account, I got positive reviews and improvement suggestions from them, and it gave a better profile for Worth of Luck. After I got the first positive reviews, I got the stamina to update my Amazon ads and update the price of my book (both the ebook and paperback). And ever since I have had random sales here and there. So I’m optimistic.

Self-Publishing is a lot of work. More than I thought when I started this journey. Sometimes I hope some publisher house would come and sweep me into their bosom, but then I read about authors who have a publisher yet they do the same work I do. And I’m not sure if I could give up the control self-publishing gives. I think the key is to be more patient and give time to all the areas of my business to develop and run on their own without the constant need to worry and monitor. Let’s see if I ever get there, but I hope so as writing is what I love. I like to make stories for something to enchant others with and stories with meaning.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good day!

If not, here is a picture of my cat supervising my writing:

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