Book Review: Firstborn by Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter

If you have been reading my previous book reviews, you know I have been gulping down A Time Odyssey series. I don’t know why but this trilogy spoke to me. Maybe it is the what-if writing I respond to or to the concept that the entire world will end, but whatever is the reason I loved the series. It inspired me. The third book, Firstborn, added on to the problems which started in the first book. It tied the story together. When I read the second book, I had an inkling about how this series would end and my prediction was correct. However, the obvious ending didn’t destroy the wonder and discovery. The story itself was engaging.

Firstborn was a solid addition into the series. There were issues I didn’t care for like the writers paying tribute to scientists and sci-fi writers they adore. Those moments broke the illusion of the story. But that was a minor infringement and easily forgivable. But the leaps in the storyline weakened the credibility of the book and the series, however, the engaging scientific pondering and commentary on human nature were too enchanting to get me frustrated.

The best aspect of Firstborn and the whole series was how humans react in the face of annihilation. How selfish we can be, how short-sighted, ignorant, hopeful, fearful, amazing, innovative, and horrible as in any other day. Keeping that aspect on the surface throughout the series crowned the whole story arch. All together amazing series for anyone who likes old-school what-if sci-fi with an apocalypse.

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