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Writing/Rant: Magical Solitude

Hi everyone! I could go to lengths to write about how solitude and isolation is a curse. That how it sometimes crushes me especially now as the sunlight has increased and I have this yearning for human contact both as a writer and human being. Yet, there is something beautiful and magical about solitude. As I lie under my table and watch the dried petal of jade plant, I can see how this still, silent moment can be both inspirational and a push to compose my feelings and thoughts as words and a push to fantasize about the impossible.

Yes, communication and contact with others both writers and those who belong to other categories can also be inspirational and educational, but as a writer I, we, need those moments of solitude to put the words down, to see the world from an outside perspective as I know I’m not the only one who can be alone in the crowd, seeing and hearing hundreds of things at once and be influenced by them. I see solitude as a tool. A way to step out and see the world from how it is or how it can be or as completely different. And I see boredom as the best source of inspiration, because how can our minds come up with new things if it is all the time entertained or bombarded with stimulus from social interaction or other sources?

But I would lie if I said, I didn’t suffer from loneliness. Those prolonged moments of isolation and feelings of obscurity and failure can destroy your mind. We as human beings need contact and validation from others. And while it is heartwarming that my cat has joined me under the table to rub against me and then to play with the petal, it is not the same as to exchange thoughts with another writer or any person for the matter. I long to belong to a writers’ group because the exchange of ideas and feedback can transform your writing. (The one I was in withered away. People stopped submitting and commenting. Why this always happens?) And even so, I appreciate my ability to be alone. Humans are funny that way. We can hold contradictory beliefs (that is one reason it is hard to program artificial intelligence.)

I wonder if writers contradiction between the curse and blessing of solitude is a similar problem as the which came first chicken or the egg? You need solitude to write and finish a project. You need boredom along with the mind which can think impossible things, yet, you also need stimulus and other human beings to be functional, to learn, to see beyond yourself, and to be able to write. It is a combination of both. The trick is to find what works for you. I’m struggling with the balance, but when I’m feeling melancholic about my isolation, it helps to think there is a silver lining. That in those moments the ability to come up with stories is alive.


Have a nice day!

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