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A Day of Procrastination

If there ever was a day of avoiding work, today was it. I think this little rebellion of mine started in the morning when Scrivener tried to screw me over. An update they say, improve your tools they say, and what happens is their verification systems don’t work, and then they say they will get back to me in a day or two due to being swamped with contacts. But did I rage or smash my keyboard, no, deep down I was glad. Maybe I could be lazy for once for a good reason? If only I would have been that lucky, for my stupidity, I got my license number through in the fifth or sixth try and voilà I was in.

I typed in a sentence or two, cannot remember the exact count any longer, and my cat started a concerto called Attention Please. There are days when I can ignore this serenade, but today that noise drilled into my consciousness and grabbed me by my heart, and I jumped up from my chair and hurried to fulfill his needs. Every time I left him alone, he would hurry back to the door and let out a sad sound and look me in a way he only can, and I knew I had no choice. But finally my clever brain came up with a solution, I borrowed my sleeping husband’s hand, putting it on my cat’s belly and there they went both to the dreamland, and I escaped back to my computer.

But you know, if you leave YouTube open and there on the front page is a shirtless man promising to teach you how to boulder (climb,) your hand automatically moves to click the video, and there I went down the rabbit hole. Here I have to intercept. It is not my fault if you thought in double meanings, I only spoke metaphorically as us writers should do. In no time, I collected myself and found back to the front page of YouTube, but then I glanced at the clock, I had lost an hour. I had two choices, look at my text or do Yin Yoga before I would leave to a walk with a friend, and yes, you guessed right, yoga won. There I laid on my floor, twisting myself in weird angles and wondering about my book. How should I make the whole ending scene perfect? How should Morris safe his face? And how should Hortensia step in? And what about Cruxh?

All the possible answers wiped away as my phone beeped and my friend confirmed our plans. I finished my yoga and rushed to shower, but then I noticed I had an hour. Again I had a choice to write, but last night I had left a movie to its mid-point, and that is a travesty. I had to let the ending happen or else. Next thing I know, I had opened another movie and was almost late. I ran to my walk and had a lovely time. But when I got back home, my lunch was waiting and so did the ending of the second movie. And before I knew it, I opened yet another movie, and here we are now, no real blog post and me typing in my failings. But I have a clue what to do to Morris. The poor fellow won’t like it even when it is his choice. I still have to ask, how does Hortensia fit in?

Have a nice day!

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