Book Review: The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby

This is a picture book for adults (and Discworld fans.) The story itself is lighter, and the tone more jovial compared to the other books in the series. That is the magic of the book (leaving room to marvel the illustrations) but also the curse. What I mean with the curse is that the jovial and lighter sides make the characters more out of tune how they usually are. This especially was noticeable with Havelock Vetinari, who often is on top of everything. Never making silly, out of character comments. This broke the illusion of him and other characters for me, making them less refined and real. Maybe this disturbed me more than it should because, for the past year or so, I have been reading the Discworld books in order and carrying the world with me every single day, reading a page or two every night. So those little discrepancies have turned more significant than they should.

That said, I enjoyed the book, especially what Cohen and his barbarians did, and the banter between them. It made me smile and a lot. I loved how Pratchett poked fun of the gods, dying, luck, and not getting what you deserve, making me question my last comment about the story and the tone. With every Pratchett book, there is substance, maybe The Last Hero didn’t go as deep to the subject as other longer books would have let him go, but at least the thought is there. Cohen has always been one of my favorite characters. His philosophy in life, “why not?” has a strange appeal. He doesn’t let life defeat him, he smiles at every danger, and he does as he pleases, yet, he is the hero. That alone makes him a great character to this picture book. About the illustrations, they are stunning. Also, the transition towards the end with characters and tableau sets the mood perfectly.

This book is like a subplot to the series, letting you just smile and enjoy the somewhat silly plotline and Pratchett poking fun of myths and gods. Also, I enjoyed the fitting ending for Cohen and the rest (bard as well.) They make their own stories.

Thank you for reading, have an adventurous day! You are Cohen, and nothing can defeat you. The attitude is in the teeth.

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