Book Review: The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett

Crivens! and so it goes. I could leave this review there. This is a sad, sad book. You say goodbye in so many ways, to the whole Discworld series and to the one you have loved with the fullness of your heart. (Although they would object to this. They are not after adoration, just doing their job.)

Tiffany is becoming the witch she deserves to be, and she is showing to the others how to combine the new way of witching with the old. It is beautiful to see how Discworld developed throughout all these years, but also how the core values have stayed the same (be kind to all.) This book is like going back to Equal Rites and Lords and Ladies, but with a softer, more humane way. Tiffany has to take the lead and stop the elves invading the world as the barriers between universes have thinned because of Granny’s passing. What Tiffany shows is compassion and understanding to the Queen of fairies. She shows that knowledge can set us free. Narrow views only make everything rotten. This goes both with the Queen and her nature and who can be a witch. It is not tied to gender or the old ways.

The book contains so much soft wisdom. When I say soft, I don’t mean “wishy-washy” things. No. I mean the wisdom of everyday life, which holds us together. Pratchett has always shown how normal life matters and how being kind to each other is the cornerstone of a good life and a society. This book follows that line. In addition, Pratchett shows how backwatered thinking in everyday life can jeopardize everything. A mother favoring her sons over daughter will create a sorrowful human life with possibility to go dark and twisty. Wives ignoring and bossing around their husbands makes them end up feeling inadequate and bitter, and they lose the sense of meaning. (This is not some chauvinist agenda, just reality that everyone needs to feel valued and loved. Your basic human needs.) The everyday ignorance for overlooking others’ needs and humanity will make the world a tat horrendous place to be. On and on goes the chain. This is why I have loved all the Discworld books. Pratchett shows how important compassion is and how we should cultivate it. Also, he doesn’t shy away from showing where we go wrong. Good, because we need to hear it over and again. We do.

Thank you, Sir Terry Pratchett, for creating this wonderful world. I hope your words live forever, as empathy should never go out of fashion. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing this Discworld journey with me. We all can make a difference. The first step is in our everyday life by not being a dick, and everything will be better. I would think that sums up all Pratchett wrote. A gentle and wise wordsmith.

Have a great day ❤

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