Short Stories

Short Story: Sabotage

When you have waited for the apocalypse all your life, you might think that when it finally happens, you are a little bit disappointed or even horrified, as the real thing never plays homage to your imagination. But I wasn’t. I was enthralled by the end of everything. Who wouldn’t be? Of course, I understood why others were panicking. The fear of death was given. It was just that I knew I was extremely lucky to get to witness the total annihilation before my cells began producing too many mutations and my body ran out of time. I had never understood the appeal of disappearing through personal entropy. Wasn’t it more glorious to experience something only a few would ever have the honor to enjoy than go in such a mundane way that billions before you had already gone through?

My only fear was that they, the scientists, would find a way to stop the apocalypse. That they knew a secret backdoor to let us slip through into another dimension just in the nick of time as ours diminished. The news reassured us they were working on just that. That they were sure dimensional travel to a parallel universe, which still had time left, was possible. I secretly hoped it wasn’t. I was wise to keep my mouth shut about the matter. They would kill me if I said anything like that. The looting and violence had started long ago, along with the apathy and suicides. So what was it to anyone if one more person died before the end of times? 

I couldn’t let myself get killed, not until I made sure there would be an apocalypse, that no scientists would rob that away from me or the universe. Both of us deserved better. You could accuse me of misanthropy, and occasionally I would admit that there was an ounce of truth to it. But mostly, it was about preservation and respect for what was written. And no one could deny that the apocalypse wasn’t pretty. The night sky was so beautiful, like those late summer fireworks gone at once.

You have to understand that I did it with good intentions. I truly did it for us. I blew up the building where they worked for dimensional travel. I made sure every single note they had written and every single wire they had put together burned to the ground. I heard the wails around me as the smoke filled the air. You have to see this was the right call.

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day ❤

2 comments on “Short Story: Sabotage

  1. “I had never understood the appeal of disappearing through personal entropy” – which is to say, growing old.
    One is forced to agree, the appeal is peculiar.

    One of my favorites stories is Poe’s ‘The Tell-tale Heart’, wherein a man who has murdered someone (hiding the heart beneath the floorboards) is desperate to explain to his hearers how he is entirely sane. He doesn’t, of course. But his desperation to convince is somehow part of the horror.

    But there is no desperation to convince in THIS voice; merely a smug satisfaction that the universe ended on their wave of the conductor baton. Personally, I’d roll up a magazine and whap them hard on the head, if I was in charge. I should be, too.

    Excellent story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you ❤ I think you should be in charge. We would have a lot more fun world to live in. I vote that you will be crowned the master of the universe at our next board meeting. Don't ask what board and what meeting or it all goes away.


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