Self-publishing: Jumping off the Cliff

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that I’ve been posting reviews and whatnots instead of writing about self-publishing or writing. There’s a reason for that. I’m swamped and tired. Setting up my book, starting a new business, and doing marketing have taken its toll. Even my right knee had decided not to cooperate with me, and doctors have ordered no running for a month (that is pure torment. Thank the tiny particles running the universe my troubles are so small.) Okay, doctors gave a go-ahead for walking. So if you see me roaming around, push me towards my home. I most likely should be heading there, anyway.

I understood that self-publishing would be a huge effort, demanding time, patience, and organizational and business skills. I thought I was ready for all that. But I wasn’t as well prepared as I thought and didn’t understand how many moving parts there was with all areas needing my attention. Even setting up a bank account for my business has taken longer than I thought and proven out to be more difficult than I cared for (I might make a post about this on one sunny day. There are more than several not so well formed thoughts about banks, trade zones, taxes, currency conversion fees, VATs and…)

If there wasn’t community support websites, blogs, and other sites, I think I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this. They are helpful. A word of warning though: don’t take all written on the sites as a face value. Some of the information out there won’t apply to you, is outdated, or downright wrong. Use the clever writer/reader brain of yours and see what the story might be behind the post. And think everything written here as unfactual and you’ll be safer with your judgments (I’m happy to be paranoid for you.)

Okay, what was this post about? I think it was something about where I’m at now. The short answer is lost and scared stiff under my bed (my table wasn’t doing the trick any longer. I’m pretending to be a ghost and making eerie sounds to annoy those who live above me.) The thing is my book is ready. It’s up and running on Amazon in pre-order status, waiting for its publication date which is in August. That is because I have to do marketing, set up my bank accounts, and do Amazon’s tax form. It would be easy to think that just happens magically, but it doesn’t. Self-publishing takes a lot.

All the while I have to function, be professional when considering taking an accountant or not and the rest, my mind is slinging back uncomfortable questions which makes me fret about the future. What if my pricing is wrong? What if what I have done so far hasn’t been enough and my book and the next one will disappear into obscurity? What if I’m a bad writer? With the last one, I have no option than to find out. The second I can try to prevent from happening by sacrificing a chicken for the gods of fame, beauty, and prosperity (wouldn’t that be nice). The pricing is making me edgy, annoyed, and unsure of myself. Should I go with the lower price (2,99) or higher like instructed by the best indie writers out there (4,99)? I know I can experiment with the price and find the sweet spot, but the initial reviews and sales matter. It’s important to hit the front page on Amazon and reviews and sales correlate with each other. Now I’m afraid of the reviews (thanks a lot.)

I guess all this is down to the fear of the unknown, and quite normal (or so they have said to me.) Still when the stakes are about your next meal and the shred of dignity things get a whole lot serious. As a humorous fantasy writer, there might be an expectation for jolly and all that shit, but the stress has driven out of any gleeful emotions from me. Maybe the next step should be finding an angle to see the sunny side of my future failings. Those are bound to happen. I know I will fail again and again in life. That is how it goes. Or someone has lied and there is a cosmic joke with my name on it.

Write to you later…

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