Book Review: The Cabal of Thotash by J. Zachary Pike

I’m a sucker for cults, chaos, and creatures that try to destroy the world. I’m the one nut rooting at sidelines and getting eaten by some horrible monster. I have made my peace with that. I wanted the cabal to succeed, to get past their inner power-play, sacrifice something else than a cat, and bring upon apocalypse, they didn’t. (Sorry to ruin your ending, but you might have noticed such an event to happen. Shame on you thinking it could have ended any other way.)

This was a fun short read and had a great potential to be intriguing and mind-blowing. Unfortunately, the writer hurried with the ending, left the characters thin, and provided a few weak jokes. I think another editing round would have benefited this and a lot. That said, The Cabal of Thotash had its moments. The mere concept is brilliant. Also, I liked to think of this book as a critique of how the original cause of religions or anything else easily slips away if there is a promise of money, orgies, and brand-new hybrid. Who can say no to that or donuts?

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