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Rant About My Writing

My first book (Worth of Luck) is coming out tomorrow, and the impending doom has made me think how and why I write. I noticed a lot has changed when I wrote my first book compared to how I’m writing my second novel for the series now. I’m still a discovery writer (the other weirder style is outlining.) What happened was, I smoothed out some kinks.

I write and plan as I go, but that is always based on an idea of character/s and a setting wrapped with a concept I want to play with. Often it is a social issue we face in our world. I introduce the issue in my fantasy world and write about it through the characters and story I have created. In the first book, I write about the unequal distribution of luck which you can translate into money. Not in every case as I think luck plays a major role in our lives even how much we like to think we are in control of our own fate or at least others should be in theirs. That their misfortune is due to their own foolishness. I wish that would be the case, but some are dealt with bad cards and it is difficult to do the right thing when you have a lousy hand. You can’t just flip the cards upside down and find a better path. We can try, and sometimes we succeed, but not always. For me, it is important to vocalize those issues and I do it in a funny way with lots of action. I like to leave the deeper meaning as the reader’s decision to ponder or not. Give them an opportunity to read the book as a story.

You can think speaking about the social issues is my motive to write. I want to point out to people they need to stop and look around. And when you are a discovery writer I need to hide, smooth, and make the issue fitting into the book, that means lots of editing. With my first book, I did it like that. I wrote the story/outline in a few months and then edited my ass off. With my second book, I’m not doing it like that. I have finished my first draft of necromancers, banks, coups, and ghouls (not the title, I’m not that nuts) and instead of jumping into editing I’m writing characters and settings sheets and planning. That might sound odd. Why would I do it the wrong way around, but I need the discovery to know where the story goes, what characters come to be, and what the heck they are doing and why? With this “new” style of writing, I aim to shorten my editing time and make the characters and Necropolis deeper and more alive. I want to evolve as a writer.

Okay, now I’m afraid that this might put you off my first book, but please don’t hold my evolvement against me. Try the rawer version of my talent. I have found out that often enough with the first book there is this spark that diminishes when years and more books go by. What I’m trying to say, I’m a critting sparkling unicorn. And if you go thinking there will be unicorns in my book, nope. But instead, there is a giant bunny, a tortoise, mouse’s head (several them), and a three-headed mutt. Also, there are several human beings, but don’t hold that against them. They weren’t lucky enough to have pointy ears, tails, and a fur coating, and were given a mere human status by me. Serves them right, bastards!

What was my original point? How and why I write, yeah?

Discovery –> editing (x5) –> professional editing –> publishing. Now it has changed into discovery –> planning –> editing (x2-3?) –> professional editing –> publishing. The planning will improve my writing. It helps me organize the world from my intuition and subconsciousness to concrete words and charts.

Now you have my how and why. The why being about the social issues. But I left out why comedy. The simple answer is sometimes comedy is the only way to point out the errors in our logic, world, and clothing. I once wrote about King needing his jester, who else would willingly ridicule him and say he is naked? I see comedy that way. That someone points out and shouts: “What the crit we just did!” Or more hopefully, “Stop doing that Kraken shit!” before things get too bad. I think they should bring the jesters back to parliaments and other political institutions. At least then we had a legal right to laugh in good conscience at the decisions made. It would be saner than what we do now. I better go back talking about sparkling giant rabbits and tortoises before I decent deeper into this subject.

Thank you for reading my scattered thoughts and have a lovely weekend.

P.S. Here is my Amazon link for my first book with furless humans: Worth of Luck

P.S.S. I’m very disappointed that I don’t have a tail or pointy ears and would kill for a soft cat fur. I often stare my cats in jealousy and then glance at my skin and sigh deeply.

P.S.S.S. Crit is a curse word I made up for my first book. Kraken shit will be introduced in the second book.

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