Book Review: Anatomy of the State by Murray N. Rothbard

This is a quick read, and I think the premise of the essay should be something everyone should know the answer to. And the questions is “what is a state” and, let’s throw an extra question in, what is its function. Easy questions, yes?

The essay answers those questions, but… once again the infamous but… Murray Rothbard is against the state. He argues that state destroys our freedom and threatens our lives and does all this under “good intentions.” Despite that, despite your views what and how big a state should be this essay is worth your time.

Everyone should understand the basic concepts under what we live in, what are the reasons behind the state’s actions and why those actions come to be. There is no excuse to turn a blind eye to the most powerful force in our lives. One that shapes us and structures our existence and interactions with others.

If you argue with me and think, why should I read this, if he is against the state? Then you most severely need this essay. It is important to challenge our notions, and see if they come out the same. In the end, it might make us understood more about the world, ourselves, and the fellow humans who insist on occupying the same continent, planet, and space and time as us. This is a good book to start with. It is well written, easy to follow, and fast to read. It made me miss my days at Uni, sitting at philosophy lectures. Good particles of the universe those were fun days. The real world is much harder.

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